'20e / PREMIERE' 2008/2009

2008 graduation show

Georges Lavaudant Coproduced with the LG theatre Company

Creation at the Cnac
December 2008

at the Cnac big top in Châlons-en-Champagne

The title sounds the take-off for the class of 2009 at the CNAC in Châlons-en-Champagne. Like the beginning of a new sequence to be written between interior/night - where the circus of yesteryear melts away, disappearing from memory - and exterior/day, where the vibrations of today, and both the dark and bright colours of a fragmented world, are felt.
For this show, Georges Lavaudant wanted to work as closely as possible with the twelve young artists in order to recognize them for what they are, where they are, and what they have done, and to follow their positive energy, that their art may strike a chord with our times.
"Even their shadow is in great form" says the haïku.
He collected bits of stories, bursts of desire, states of body, shards of life and imaginary escapades – so many fragments of beings, rubbing shoulders with and bumping into the tenacious sounds of our era.
Suspended from a pole, Chinese or tilted, balancing on a wire, on a silk, on a teeterboard, twisting around a cloud swing or on the floor, they have mastered the effort needed to free themselves from the weight of the real, to find the wonderful evidence of the possible. They forget gravity, and Georges Lavaudant too, has forgotten it. With them, he is light, or he tries be.
He has brushed up against memories of wide-eyed children at the edge of the ring, the smell of sawdust, the Chinese lanterns, the acts heralding great feats, the tears of the clown on his violin, and the never-ending drum roll.
These memories will be contrasted and intertwined with a modern imaginary universe, stamped with cinematic scenes, from Wong Kar Wai to the Dardennes bothers, and rustling with sounds, melodies, dialogues and languages from here and elsewhere.
20e / PREMIERE invites those who know how to fly, and those who would like to, around and above the ring, with its smell of magnesia and unobtainable dreams, to write a few fragments of their present adventure, here and now.

Press kit (in french) CNAC Press kit - 20e/PREMIERE (745 ko)

The artistic and technical team

With the 12 studients from the CNAC class of 2008

Guillaume Amaro - Chinese poles, Maud Ambroise - Tilted poles, Dana Augustin - Silks, Sylvain Briani Colin - Korean teeterboard, Josuah Finck - Korean teeterboard, Jean-Charles Gaume - Wire, Thibault Lapeyre - Chinese poles, Socrates Minier Matsakis - Korean teeterboard, Qudus Onikeku - Acrobatics, Aude Rosset - Chinese poles, William Thomas - Acrobatics, Sarah Trägner - Slack wire

Director - Lighting - Georges Lavaudant, Artistic direction collaboration - Moïse Touré, Choreography - Jean-Claude Gallotta Assisted by Darrell Davis, Sound - Luc Guillot, Costumes - Fabienne Varoutsikos, Co-ordination - Fani Carenco, Stage manager - Christian Charlin, Lighting manager - Clément Bonnin, Sound manager - Pierre Louet

Creation and Tour

at the Cnac big top in Châlons-en-Champagne

TOUR 2009

Paris (75) Parc de la Villette - January / February

Brest (29) Le Quartz, National Theatre - March

Obernai (67) Pisteur d'Etoiles Festival - May

Latin America with the support of CulturesFrance - June / July

Elbeuf (76) Cirque Théâtre - October

Reims (51)Le Manège, National TheatreOctober

Auch (32) Circa Festival - October
"Carte blanche" of artists from the 20th promotion