'la part du loup' - 2008

2008 graduation show

Fatou Traore

Creation at the Cnac big top in Châlons-en-Champagne
Spring 2008


There they are. Suspended between heaven and earth in the uncertain shadow of a dream, on the threshold of an unknown elsewhere. Seven women and two men on an unstable mobile, their bodies vibrating in the quest for balance. Nine muses, demi-Gods, brothers or sisters searching for an identity, experiencing each other, tangled up by their innermost turmoil. Then there is harmony, an instant of ephemeral unison.
Ropes, trapezes, wires, poles, a club and a catapult, etc. With this apparatus, the choreographer and director Fatou Traore has fashioned a universe filled with sensations.
The nine artists from the 2008 graduating class adventure into the heart of metamorphosis, taking us into the murky zone where "la part du loup" is hiding. "La part du loup", or that which resists normalization, which troubles the established order of things… The remarkable and untamed part in each of us.a

The graduation class show

The CNAC invited Fatou Traore to direct the 2008 graduating class show.
A dancer and choreographer, she is faithful to the values of contemporary circus, working closely with, among others, the collective AOC on "La syncope du 7" and the Féria Musica Company on "le vertige du Papillon".

The artistic and technical team

With the 2008 graduating class

Mathieu ANTAJAN – tightrope, Tatiana-Mosio BONGONGA – highwire, Elsa CAILLAT – tightrope, Jennifer HUGON – wire, Sandrine JUGLAIR – Chinese poles, Clémentine LAMOURET – tightrope, Paula PARADISO – swinging trapeze, Odilon PINDAT – acrobatics, Anne PRIBAT - swinging trapeze

Director and choreographer - Fatou TRAORÉ, Assistant director - Mélanie RULLIER, Music - Erwin VANN, Costume design - Mina LY, Stage design - Simon SIEGMANN, Lighting design and technical director - Philippe BASTE, Lighting and technical assistant - Nicolas GUICHARD, Stage manager - Antonin CHAUMET

Creation and Tour

as part as the Furies festival

TOUR 200

Sarrebruck (D) - Perspectives Festival - June

Paris (75) - Parc de la Villette - July/August

Reims (51) - Le Manège National Theatre - September

Auch (32) Circa Festival - October