Graduation Show 33rd graduating class

Collective creation

La Comète, national scene of Châlons-en-Champagne

Creation at the Cnac
1 > 12 December 2021 - Recommended from 12 years

Historical circus in Châlons-en-Champagne


1st, 3, 4, 8 & 10 december - 19h30
5, 11 & 12 december - 16h

Group graduation show

The last phase of the curriculum, known as the professional integration phase, consists in creating and presenting a graduation show to secure students’ diplomas.

This year’s show takes the form of a collective creation on the theme of celebration and spending in keeping with calls for a more tempered festive season during the pandemic, bringing together students from the CNAC and the CDN Orléans / Centre-Val de Loire team under the artistic direction of Séverine Chavrier.

The artistic and technical team

Réhane Arabi Switzerland Smooth rope - Guilhem Charrier France Acrodance - Andrea Cutri Italy Chinese pole - Debora Fransolin Pires De Almeida Brazil Silks - Lucia Heege Torres Spain Swinging trapeze - Jules Houdin France Acrodance - Helena Humm Great Britain Static trapeze - Theresa Kuhn Germany Slackrope - Liam Lelarge France Static trapeze - Victoria Leymarie France Slackrope - Kim Marro Switzerland Cyr wheel - Xavier Mermod Switzerland Hand to Hand Acrobatics (catcher) - Patricia Minder Switzerland Hand to Hand Acrobatics (flyer) - Federica Pini Sandrelli Italy Swinging trapeze - Josinaldo Tavares Pacheco Brazil Chinese pole

Séverine Chavrier Artistic direction - Maria Carolina Vieira Choreography - Amaury Vanderborght Circus adviser - Analyvia Lagarde, Julien Mugica & Louise Sari Scenography -Jérémie Cusenier Lighting design - Simon D'Anselme de Puisaye Sound design - Romane Cassard Costumes and accessories - Frédéric Leterrier Video control - Julien Mugica General Manager - Alexandrine Burgaud Stage Manager - Vincent Griffaut Lighting Manager

Creation and Tour

2022 TOUR

Paris (75) - Parc de la Villette
from 19 January to 13 February
in the CNAC big top

Elbeuf (76) - Cirque Théâtre d'Elbeuf
Pôle national Cirque - Normandie part of the SPRING festival
1st, 2 & 3 April 
in the circus at

Orléans (45) - Centre dramatique national Orléans/Centre-Val de Loire
20, 21 & 22 May
in the CNAC big top


Reims (51) - Le Manège, scène nationale-reims
11, 12 & 13 March
in the circus at

Montigny-lès-Metz (57) - Cirk'Eole
as part of the “Les nuits d'Eole” festival
21, 22 & 23 April
in the CNAC big top