"âm" 2010/2011

2010 graduation show

Stéphane Ricordel

with the collaboration of Patrice Wojciechowski

Creation at the Cnac
December 2010

in the Cnac big top


We each carry within us an immense and solitary world, albeit populated with the noise of others. In our innermost reaches we find refuge, but also isolation, inventing our own private melody among the chaotic hurly-burly of daily life, sometimes working against the crushing din of the omnipresent community. We can share everything, except that one, irreparably singular experience. We can share a moment in time, a fragment, laughter, love, thoughts, illusions and possibilities. Guided by Stéphane Ricordel, a founding member of the famous Arts Sauts, the National Centre for Circus Arts 2011 graduating class will explore these paths of existence, which ricochet back and forth between a furtive sense of solitude and the joy of being together. A mobile stage design in which air, water and images define the space, lets the circus artists’ emotions transpire through acrobatics, risk taking and skill, in a fleeting, instantaneous moment. All of this communicates, quite “simply”, the spirit and fragility of life.

Press kit (in french) e-book  CNAC Press kit - âm, 2010 graduation show  or CNAC Press kit - âm, 2010 graduation show (225 ko)

Group graduation show

The second phase of the CNAC curriculum is the professional integration programme in which the graduation show is put on, validating the Diploma in circus arts professions.

This year the CNAC has invited Stéphane Ricordel to direct, assisted by Patrice Wojciechowski, both of whom were founding members of Les Arts Sauts (1993-2007). For almost fifteen years they travelled around France and the rest of the world putting on poetic trapeze performances as part of their ongoing research into the subject of vertigo and the void. .

In 2009, Stéphane Ricordel was appointed joint director of the Silvia Monfort theatre in Paris, with Laurence de Magalhaes.

The artistic and technical team

With the 2010 graduating class

Fanny Austry Cloud swing - Mathieu Bleton Acrobatics - Léo Blois Acrobatics / Flying - Sarah Cosset Chinese poles - Julien Cramillet Cloud swing - Romain Guiniot Aerial silks- Mathieu Hedan Balancing acts - Marion Hergas Wire - Océane Pelpel Wire - Fanny Hugo Aerial cradle (catcher) - Birta Benonysdottir Aerial cradle (flyer) - Wilmer Marquez Acrobatic lifts (catcher) - Edward Aleman Acrobatic lifts (flyer) - Fanny Alvarez Hungarian teeterboard - Antoine Guillaume Hungarian teeterboard - Karim Messaoudi Hungarian teeterboard - Marius Ollagnier Hungarian teeterboard - Maxime Reydel Hungarian teeterboard.

and with the participation of Juan Pablo Palacios, aerial cradle catcher.


Director Stéphane Ricordel - Assistant director Patrice Wojciechowski - Lighting design Julien Boizard - Sound design Marc Bretognier - Costumes Jeanne Roualet - Costume design Juliette Christmann and the Atelier Bütsch’s - Stage manager / Chief editor Julien Mugica - Light operato Vincent Griffaut - Sound operator Grégory Adoir - Stage design art&OhBenoît Probst, with the CNAC technical department.

Creation and Tour

at the Cnac in the historic circus of Châlons-en-Champagne

TOUR 2011

Paris (75) Parc de la Villette - Espace Chapiteaux
January 19th to February 13th
20 performances

La Seyne-sur-Mer (83)
"Janvier dans les étoiles" Festival 
February 25th, 26th, 27th

Morocco March 4th to May 8th
Oujda  March 10th to 16th
Meknès  March 23rd to 29th
Rabat  April 4th to 10th
Marrakech April 16th to 22nd
Agadir April 28th to May 4th

Elbeuf (76) The Haute-Normandie Circus Arts Centre
May 20th, 21st, 22nd

Reims (51) Le Manège - National Theatre
June 7th to 9th

Alba la Romaine (07)
January 13th to 17th  july

Auch (32) Circa Festival
between 22nd and 31st October