'URBAN RABBITs' 2009/2010


2009 graduation show

Árpád Schilling - Krétakör Company

Creation in the Cnac big top in Châlons-en-Champagne
December 2009

Press kit (in french) CNAC Press kit - URBAN RABBITs, 2009 graduation show (437 ko)


Árpád Schilling, the internationally renowned Hungarian director, founded the Krékatör Company in Budapest in 1995.

After directing numerous plays by famous authors such as Chekov and Shakespeare, etc, he has recently favoured educational projects, research processes and cross-discipline experiences as well as new activities related to the theme of "escapologism".

It was in this context that Árpád Schilling replied to the CNAC's request. Together with the students, he created the graduation show, the fruit of an encounter between individuals and rich and varied artistic worlds.

The artistic and technical team

The 16 artists of the Cnac class of 2009

Rémy Bénard, Kilian Caso, Jean Charmillot, Marion Collé, Damien Droin, Benoît Fauchier, Joris Frigerio, Jérôme Galan, Coline Garcia, Matthieu Gary, Fragan Gehlker, Sam Hannes, Audrey Louwet, Matthieu Renevret, Vasil Tasevski, Julie Tavert

Creation and Tour

at the Cnac big top in Châlons-en-Champagne

TOUR 2010

Paris Parc de la Villette

Reims - Le Manège, Reims National Theatre

Malta - Valletta

Italy - Rome, Ferrara and Modena

Romania - Iasi

Hungary - Budapest and Pecs

Serbia - Belgrade

Auch - Circa Festival.