What happens to our students?

The future of our students is a central issue for the CNAC.

As such, the Resource Centre maintains regular links with all students in order to enrich information available as much to the public as to professionals and CNAC alumni themselves. In this way their details and professional activities are updated regularly.

In addition, the CNAC regularly updates its database with a detailed questionnaire sent out to all former students.
In August 2010, a questionnaire was filled in by the 21 classes, or more than 200 students, who have graduated since 1989.

Here are some of the answers :

Are our former pupils still working in circus ?

Yes, 90 % of them.
Consequently there is a very low rate (slightly higher for the very first couple of years), of retraining in other sectors, artistic (mainly acting and dance), or otherwise. This conversion rate is slightly -and logically- advanced 5% in 2007 to 9% in 2010.

Are they in performing or non-performing roles ?

92 % of former students still practise their discipline as performers or author-performers, meaning that they have maintained their physical condition.

Circus artists, yes, but where ?

Being a circus artist does not mean performing only in the ring. Many former students (95 %) also perform in the theatre, dance or events sectors, etc.

Circus artists, yes, but how ?

The majority of former students have created one or more companies since graduating, contributing in a meaningful way to the development of contemporary circus.
For example, les Nouveaux Nez, Cirque Ici, Les Arts Sauts, le Collectif AOC, etc.
But things are changing. Nearly half of ex-students is working with several companies.

Former students throughout the world

A high proportion of former students (third) work or have worked abroad.

Lifelong learning (continuing education)

Lifelong learning plays an increasing role in the career of circus artist : 21% in 2009 against 13% in 2006.

Some statistics (in French)  Some statistics 2010 'What happens to the students of the National Centre for Circus Arts (CNAC) ?"  (256 Ko)