Training spaces for professional artists

Are you a professional circus artist and looking for a place to train?
CNAC propose to reserved training spaces to professional artists residing or passing through Châlons-en-Champagne.

To make a request, a single address:

- Large flying area (height 13.5m)
- Bounce space (trampoline)
- Space sun disciplines (acrobatics, juggling,etc.)
- Physical preparation room

Ask us for the equipment you need for your circus practice.
You have the option to practice on the installed equipment or bring your own material.
For the practice of an aerial, please specify it in your request so we can accompany you.

Conditions of access
• be a professional circus performer·le or on the verge of professionalisation
• share the space with the other artists present·e·s
• share the CNAC way of life.

Opening hours
Monday > Friday : 9am to 1pm
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Closed: public holidays, July 7 to August 28 and during holidays.

Rates (from date to date)
Weekly rate: €15
Month calendar rate: €30
Three consecutive months rate: €70
Six consecutive months rate: €90
Annual rate (school year): €150

Making a request:
If you are interested, please firstly send an email request to the CNAC Technical services / Facilities management  specifying your training speciality, the requested booking period and, if applicable, what specific equipment or apparatus you will need.

By mail:

1. Choose a training period and settle directly on the spot to the signing of the agreement, in check or cash with the technical team.
2. We will ask you to sign two documents: the CNAC agreement and the conditions of use of the training space.