CARP A platform for scientific research in circus arts

A bilingual French/English platform for scientific research in circus arts!, or CARP, is a website providing free access to a collection of scientific resources in circus arts.
This platform was created to promote research and to facilitate the exchange and circulation of university research in this field.
CARP is a great tool to stimulate collaboration between researchers, students and professionals interested in all areas of circus arts university studies.

CARP: more than 120 researcher profiles, 2000 academic publications and 200 important circus collections

CARP provides access to a wide range of information including :
- a directory of more than 120 researchers worldwide (Master, PhD/doctorate and post-doc students, lecturers, professors) specialised in different research disciplines,
- an international scholarly bibliography composed of more than 2,000 academic references in all languages (theses, dissertations, articles in scientific journals, academic works) and a selection of more than twenty thematic bibliographies, ranging from the social circus to the creative process, including circus medicine and aerial disciplines.
In addition, several links to other resources are available such as:
- a non-exhaustive list of symposiums, conferences and study days on the circus since 1988,
- a selection of bibliographic tools.

CARP: many links, events and news

The CARP platform also develops numerous links, accessible through :

- an "Other resources" page, which redirects to online resources (bibliographic tools, databases, blogs). Bibliographic references come from the collections of the Centre national des arts du cirque (France), the National Circus School (Canada) and from more than 100 university databases from around the world. The international bibliography and its thematic bibliographies will be updated regularly.
- a "Libraries and Archives" page with an interactive world map, listing and locating more than 200 circus collections or important circus holdings existing in archives, museums, libraries and document resource centres and welcoming researchers.
The platform collects and maps universities and research institutes with circus-related research programs or research chairs, institutions offering residencies to academics, as well as relevant collections in the circus arts.
Finally, thanks to its "Research News" page, CARP allows you to find out about the different activities in all fields of circus arts research, such as calls for papers, contributions or publications, conference calls, publications, ...

CARP / CircusArtsResearchPlatform is a project led by :
- Centre national des arts du cirque and the Research chair ICiMa – Chaire d’Innovation Cirque et Marionnette - Châlons-en-Champagne (FR)
- Research chair Critac – Centre de recherche, d’innovation et de transfert en arts du cirque from École nationale de cirque - Montréal (CA)
Circuscentrum - Gent (BE)
Circusinfo Finland - Helsinki (FI)
Stockholm University of the Arts (SE)
Universidade Unicamp (BR)
in collaboration with many international researchers.


The launch of CARP / CircusArtsResearchPlatform took place on 29 August 2018 in Prague, during the international symposium "Circus and its others".