Professional higher national diploma (Dnsp)

The three-year teaching course at the CNAC leads to the award of the DNSP (National Higher Professional Diploma) for circus artist for students who meet the criteria.

This diploma state on a reference system of certification structured in 3 parts. The teaching given during the three years of the Dnsp curriculum is fully integrated into this system, and allows each student to acquire the tools to reach the set goals, as follows:

Performing as a circus artist

- contributing to putting on a show or circus act,
- performing in the circus show or act,
- maintaining the physical integrity of self and others, ensuring the safety of the location and material.

Maintaining and developing artistic abilities and performance skills

- developing and enriching the techniques and vocabulary relevant to the chosen discipline,
- developing the fundamental artistic and technical components of the discipline,
- maintaining and developing physical ability,
- broadening knowledge of circus culture and of other arts,
- developing autonomy and the ability to adapt.

Valorizing individual skills and building a career path

- knowing your professional level,
- keeping abreast of the socio-professional and technical environment of the profession,
- developing and broadening professional relations,
- participating if necessary in promoting your art form.

The students' learning is continually assessed through practical work throughout the course, and there may be an additional interview, oral, or written exam for certain subjects.

Table of units taught and ECTS credits for the three-year course : being updated, soon to be online again.


CNAC prerequisite to be eligible in Dnsp 1 Circus CNAC prerequisites to be eligible for Dnsp 1 Circus - Knowledge and skills required for the entrance exam? (120 Ko)

Following some extensive work in connection with the new accreditation procedure for our training offer, the three-year DNSP course will be entirely based at the CNAC in Châlons-en-Champagne from the start of the 2020 academic year.
The new class (35th) recruited in the spring of 2020 is therefore the first to complete their entire course at the CNAC, and to be taught by the same teaching team.
The progress of these students is now accredited by the following qualifications:
- the Culture Diploma: National Higher Professional Diploma for Circus Artists (DNSP-AC), and, from 2023, a degree in Performing Arts and awarded by the University of Reims-Champagne-Ardenne (URCA).