International actions

The Cnac has always been very open to creating lasting links with international partners. Over the years this has taken shape in various ways.

Since 2013

This open approach is very present in the new Cnac project initiated by Gérard Fasoli, and can be seen in the following various activities:

The higher education establishment

The new diploma and the ECTS (European Credits Transfer System): The three-year course taught at Enacr Rosny-sous-Bois / Cnac Châlons-en-Champagne leads to a Dnsp (national higher professional diploma) in the circus arts. The diploma is linked to a BA awarded by the University of Picardie Jules Verne. In this way, the Dnsp is integrated into the European framework for higher education (licence-master-doctorate).

Educational exchanges with higher education establishments, such as the Esac in Brussels, the Circus Space in London and the ENC in Montreal etc.

Lifelong learning

Made-to-measure vocational training courses: the Cnac designs, develops and implements training courses adapted to every need. In addition, specific initiatives have already been created, mainly with the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (Korea), the Setouchi Circus Factory (Japan) and the Palhaço association (Guyana).

A higher education qualification in dramatic art and the circus arts: this project is currently in progress, in partnership with the Esac (Higher education establishment for circus arts) in Brussels.

Validating acquired experience (VAE): this measure enables professional and personal experience to be taken into consideration when obtaining all of part of a professional diploma or qualification. It may also apply to international citizens practicing in France. The Cnac is now authorized to award the circus arts Dnsp through VAE and will soon be able to do the same for the National teaching diploma (DE) in circus arts.

Resources and Research

A collection of international works and videos to which the sizeable Jacob-William Collection on circus arts across the continents will be added in 2015.

The circus arts anthologies: the Cnac and the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF) are developing a multi-media website in several languages to enable people to discover and understand the circus arts and disciplines.

Numerous audio visual recordings and productions: the Cnac audio visual production unit carries out numerous recordings:
- INTENTS / Ffec / Fedec (2015): 5 day training session on "Verticality, weight and gravity on the Chinese poles, trapeze, ropes and silks."
- CircusNext (since 2013): support for young European authors,
- Festival de CIRCa Auch (for more than 20 years): European circus schools performances.
Hosting residential researchers: the Cnac is developing a project to host young researchers. Some have already come from Brazil and Japan.

European Federation of Professional Circus Schools

The CNAC has been a member of the European Federation of Professional Circus Schools since it was founded in 1998. The main role of the Federation is to :

- build special links between those establishments which have a shared educational direction and identical aims,
- improve circus arts teaching by organising a professional stream,
- encourage and support international exchanges and obtain the necessary means to bring these into effect,
- promote the work of young artists and help them integrate the workplace,
- encourage the collection and diffusion of information in the area of circus arts teaching,
- provide a set of ethical rules and a professional code of conduct, leading to a European chart of professional training for the circus arts.

2007 / 2012

The graduation show tour and workshops

The Cnac has attempted to contribute to the expansion of new circus shows by taking its graduation shows on tour overseas. This process was combined with workshops and long-term cooperative research initiatives with the countries visited. Such was the case, with the support of the French cultural network overseas, for the classes of 2009 to 2012, whose shows toured respectively in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Morocco, Spain and Italy.

Long-term partnerships

The Cnac has also initiated international cooperation in the field of education.
It was a partner in the structuring and development of the Palestine Circus School, which operates in several towns in the West Bank.
In addition, the Cnac has made an important contribution to developing a circus workshop in Bobo-Dioulasso (twinned with Châlons-en-Champagne), through an agreement with authorities in Bobo-Dioulasso and the French Cultural Centre. Its long-term objective is to become a preparatory school for the European professional higher education establishments, as no such structure currently exists in Sub-Saharan Africa today.