Cnac publications

In order to promote knowledge of the circus arts, the Cnac has developed certain publications (only in French) based on its expertise and using the wealth of collections in the Research Centre.
To this end, the Cnac worked with recognized professional partners and benefitted from the support of the Marne General Council.

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Couverture DVD Le nuancier du cirque - Centre national des arts du cirque

DVD Nuancier du cirque (The Circus Spectrum)  (in french / 353 ko)

Authors: Jean-Michel Guy & Julien Rosemberg  


The Quel cirque ? Collection

Aimed at curious audience members, artists, students, amateurs and teachers, the Quel cirque ? collection hears from the companies who have helped contemporary circus emerge and evolve. Each volume is dedicated to an artist or a collective.
These works enable the reader to discover new ways of creating a circus show through representative experiences, as well as revealing the hugely varied landscape of contemporary circus.
Cnac/Actes Sud co-edition with the support of the SACD


Couverture Cirque Plume - Collection

Quel cirque ? Cirque Plume  (in french / 358 Ko)
By Gwénola David

an extract


Les Arts Sauts

Quel cirque ? Les Arts Sauts (in french / 352 Ko)
By Marc Moreigne

an extract


Couverture du livre

Quel cirque ? Jérôme Thomas (in french / 455 Ko)
By Jean-Gabriel Carasso & Jean-Claude Lallias

an extract


Archaos Collection

Quel cirque ? Archaos (in french / 440 Ko)
By Martine Maleval

an extract


Les Nouveaux Nez Collection

Quel cirque ? Les Nouveaux Nez (in french / 510 Ko)
By Pascal Jacob

an extract


CIRQUE A L'OEUVRE Livre de l'exposition photos et vidéos autour des 25 ans du Centre national des arts du cirque

Cirque à l'oeuvre (in french / 262 Ko)
The Centre national des arts du cirque


Supplement in n° 16 de Stradda - magie nouvelle, un art contemporain (new magic, a contemporary art) (in french / 3,1 Mo)

created by HorsLesMurs with the support of the Fratellini Academy, the Cirque Jules Verne d'Amiens, the Douai Hippodromeand the Cnac


jeux d'enfance jeux de cirque

Jeux d'enfance - Jeux de cirque (in french / 526 Ko)

By Raoul Bender, Alexandre del Perugia and Anne-Lise Lisicki


La tente et le chapiteau

La tente et le chapiteau (in french / 179 Ko)
By Christian Dupavillon


Médecine du cirque

Médecine du cirque (in french / 338 Ko)

Proceedings of the conference organized by the Cnac at the initiative of the French Society of Circus Medicine in Paris


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