Professional integration 2006 / 2007

2007 Class

Tout est perdu sauf le bonheur (spring 2007)

Directors Philippe Car and Valérie Bournet Car
Cartoun Sardines Théâtre Company

A festive, wicked, gay and hopeless show.
Dedicated to all those whose good mood means they are always ready for anything and who think the quest for happiness is more important than anything else.
In the image of Jacques Prévert, who paved the way for those, who in their time, told stories of their era, scathingly or dreamily, finding beauty, tears and fun therein.
It is our era, of which we aim to tell, and our dreams our rages and our joys.
In both our own words and those of Jacques Prévert and others. With colourful images and celebratory music.
And with "magic machines" - horses, teeterboards, trapezes, unicycles, Chinese poles, clubs knives, axes, etc, and red noses in our pockets, in our hearts or in the middle of our faces.
There is no story. There are stories.
There is a world. It's a circus
There is no circus. There are circuses.
It is the imaginary world of an invented circus.
It is like a large moving painting, filled with characters who fly, and who juggle with stories.

Philippe Car / Valérie Bournet-Car, June2007.

- Châlons-en-Champagne - Festival Furies - June
- Paris Parc de la Villette - Espace Chapiteaux - July-August
- Reims Le Manège, National Theatre - October
- Auch Festival Circa - October.

 Figures (Nov-Dec 2006)

Director Philippe Goudard

"Accepting constraints of time (four weeks), of format (a few minutes), of space (the equestrian ring); being available to all and sundry; being a soloist one minute and ring boy the next; asserting one's discipline as a means of expression; not questioning art but remembering that it questions our lives; desiring to be approachable; trying to share; setting your imagination free with no concern other than giving it a legible form, etc. Such are the rules of the game which were accepted for this circus adventure, by a dozen young, funny artists, acrobats, jugglers, riders and musicians, along with several elders, with the aim of keeping alive the joy, enthusiasm and pleasure of transmission between artists and to an audience" Philippe Goudard.

Six performances in the CNAC ring in December 2006.

Meeting with Bruno Dizien (Sept-Oct 2006)

For this encounter Bruno Dizien wanted to reveal the world of Antonin Artaud, evoking the physical and moral state of this character.
His aim was to sensitize the 2007 graduating students to the type of creative energy evoked when he speaks of his dancing.