The 2008 graduating class in Romania - 2007

The CNAC has developed a nomadic form of teaching which places the students in the real context of the exercise (audience rapport, safety, rhythm, etc.), during festivals or on tour.

These educational encounters, which offer new learning opportunities, draw on close partnerships with artists in the host countries.

The CNAC responded favourably to the Conseil Général de la Marne's invitation to develop an artistic and cultural aspect to its twin department status with Niamt, through the dissemination of circus arts across educational networks and rural partners.

The suggestion was well received by the CNAC team which includes Christian Benedetti (theatre co-ordinator), and Nathalie Joly (singing teacher), who have both worked on Romanian repertories for several years.
The Tire-Laine Company has been working at the CNAC for 3 years on music courses including Tarafs, and has therefore been able to develop an artistic sensitivity rooted in Romanian tradition.

In addition, Romania will host cultural events at the establishment, in particular Nathalie Joly's concert (Maria Tanase's songs), on November 15th at 8.30pm in the ring.

The project begun last spring is aimed at the CNAC 2008 graduating class.

Serge Tranvouez, the director working with this class for five weeks on the creation of the show to be performed in December in the CNAC ring, will accompany the students for 12 days in Romania.

The towns were chosen for the public performances of the CIP according to the technical conditions available in each place. They are, Piatra, Rosnov, Brustur, Roman and Iasi (eastern Romania).

Numerous exchanges have heightened the students' awareness of Romanian music, contemporary history, professional and artistic work conditions and the development of circus arts, etc.

As with each "nomadic" project, a travel log will recount the experience in the voice of the students and people met along the way as well as the teachers involved.

The most significant events of the programme

Technical reference points, equipment set up by students
Conference on the history of Romania
Music classes and workshops
Public performances in different places
"Masked dance" demonstration
Video conference at the CCF on the development of circus arts
Zece Prajini concert
Buffet/meeting with the professional Romanian artists at the CCF