Renovation and Extension at the CNAC

Since its creation, the Centre national des arts du cirque has been based in the historic circus, made available by the City of Châlons-en-Champagne under an emphyteutic lease.

In July 2006, the State (Ministry of Culture) acquired the property complex (land + existing buildings, i.e., 21,500 M²) from the Coopérative Agricole Marnaise, with a view to extending the CNAC's facilities.

The work carried out in several phases between 2006 and 2015 has made it possible to:
- on the one hand, renovate the historic circus (late 20th century),
- on the other hand, build new facilities on the "La Marnaise" site.
The latter are intended for circus training with a so-called "grand volant" air space (height 13.50 m) and various practical and theoretical training areas. They also include the administrative premises of the technical services and studies, 13 guest rooms for artists and speakers, spaces dedicated to research and innovation, construction workshops and storage facilities.

Here is the detailed information on the CNAC renovation-extension plan (2005/2015) (in french) CNAC renovation-extension plan (2005/2015) ( 93 Ko)

Development plan 2021/2022

In 2020, the French State launched a 2.7 billion euro-national aid package to improve the energy efficiency of State and higher education buildings.
This plan has several objectives: to decarbonise existing buildings, boost economic activity and job creation, and provide support for students and universities as a whole.

DEVELOPMENT OF A TECHNICAL TRAINING FACILITY AT THE CNACNorth Hangar of La Marnaise site, Centre national des arts du cirque /CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne

As part of this, the CNAC is committed to a project to renovate and develop the North hangar on the La Marnaise site (see photo) as a training facility for technical skills and circus safety, for a sum of €918,000.
The hangar is currently used for storage. The aim is to develop one section in an environmentally-friendly way (around 1,000 m²) to create a technical area for circus skills and aerial work, to improve the training and trainee reception environment and, ultimately, to develop activities in this technical space.

These improvements will give the building several new functions:

- an area for technical circus training (aerial work, rigging, safety, etc.),
- two training theory rooms,
- a trainee common room.

This facility will complement both the initial and lifelong training services provided by the CNAC. The CNAC may also make it available to other organisations in the technical height sector (subject to availability).

In detail
This redeveloped space will be connected to the CNAC’s contemporary spaces and will be accessible through the adjoining building. It will include:
- a technical training space: approx. 350m2 minimum;
- two training theory rooms with a capacity for approx. 30, split between the two rooms, approx. 70 m² in total.

These two rooms will be accessible to people with reduced mobility;
- a storage space approx. 40m2;
- a practical training room approx. 120m², with a ceiling height of 4m;
- a common room approx. 60m², sanitary facilities, mezzanine and technical rooms.

Following a call for tenders:
- project management has been awarded to OMADA ARCHITECTES.
- project management assistance has been awarded to SG Ingénierie.

Other calls for tenders for the various tasks will follow.

Provisional calendar
• October 2020 Call for tenders
• Dec. 2020/Jan. 2021 Acceptance of the project and notification based on an overall budget of €918,000
• Spring 2021 Following a call for tenders, appointment of OMADA Architectes & GINKO for project management and expertise and SG Ingénierie for project management assistance (they carried out the renovation of the historical circus)
• Late May 2021 Filing of the building permit
• June to December 2021 Calls for tenders for the work, selection of companies and contract issuing
• 2nd semester 2022 End of work