Witold (Witek) Nowotynski Biography - Resume

Witold (Witek) Nowotynski is a member of the permanent teaching staff specializing in lifts, acrobatic disciplines and balancing acts.

He began sports acrobatics (tumbling and acrosport) in 1977. He won the Polish cup, was joint champion of Poland in the men's quartet and was a member of the national Polish team for 5 years.

In 1984 he appeared on stage for the first time with the "Mortales Juniors", a mix of acrobatics, lifts and humour.

In 1988, having given up competing, he became the Acrosport coach in Rzeszow, Poland, and in 1990 he left the "Mortales Juniors" to devote himself entirely to teaching.

From 1992 to 1995 he was the acrosport trainer in Grenoble.

Since 1996 he has been teaching at the CNAC and also leads teacher training and advanced workshops. In addition he leads acrobatics workshops in various establishments such as schools or associations, etc.