You are a CNAC employee: Erasmus + OUT

CNAC employees (teachers, technical or administrative staff) can take advantage of professional mobility (educational exchanges, discovery or immersion traineeships) abroad under the Erasmus programme. This mobility may be undertaken at educational institutions or companies.


For more information about Erasmus + professional mobility:
General information Erasmus +: Isabelle Funes Isabelle Funes, Centre national des arts du cirque / CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne
Outgoing professional mobility: Alexandra Lecomte Alexandra Lecomte, Centre national des arts du cirque / CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne

Admission and Administrative Procedures

1 - Internal approval

Meet with your department head and human resources manager to discuss your plans for outgoing mobility.

The leadership of the CNAC can assist you with your plan by contacting the institutions or companies at which you would like to carry out your mobility.

2 - Prepare the necessary documents

If your request receives a positive response, you must complete the documents that will be provided by the CNAC leadership:
- mobility agreement
- educational agreement, for teachers

PLEASE NOTE: Once your plan for mobility has been accepted by the CNAC leadership, a ten-hour credit of working time will be allocated to you to allow you to prepare.

3 - Mobility financial support approval

CNAC services will submit your application for a mobility grant to Agence Erasmus + France. You cannot submit this application yourself.

4 - Sign the documents before your mobility begins

- mobility agreement
- educational agreement, for teachers
- grant agreement


5 - Have a residence certificate signed by your host institution to confirm completion of your mobility. This is an institutional obligation requested by the Agence Erasmus + France. This document will be returned to you before departure.


6 - On your return to France, you will be required to complete a final report online to be submitted to the Agence Erasmus + France. You will be sent an automated email by the Agence Erasmus + France immediately after the end of your mobility.

Grant Agreement

Lump-sum financial aid is paid by the European Union for staff mobility by assignment. This aid, which varies between €150 and €600, is paid directly, after your assignment, in a single payment. This lump-sum aid is not a reimbursement of all your costs. However, your costs will have to be justified.

This aid varies depending on the country and length of your stay. It is calculated automatically depending on several parameters, which may lead to a variation in amounts between assignments carried out at the same time in neighbouring countries. If the estimated budget exceeds the aid granted, you will be required to pay the difference.

The project will be confirmed in the grant agreement you will sign with the CNAC.

Preparing for your mobility

1 - Language preparation 
The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) tool is available to you to assess your level of the language spoken in your destination country. You have the opportunity, if necessary, to take advantage of Erasmus Intensive Language courses (EILC) programmes to prepare for your mobility.

2 - Logistical preparation
The Erasmus + adviser can help you organise your mobility (insurance, finding accommodation, organising travel, etc).