Sylvestre Dewa Biography - Resume

Self-taught in juggling from a very young age, Sylvestre specialises in diabolo, whose limits he enjoys pushing.

He took part in the Diabology DVD project in 2004, had a world record of 3 diabolos in 2005 and trained in parallel in acrobatic disciplines at the School of Chinese Performing Arts to integrate acrobatics into his juggling.

He is a diabolo speciality instructor for the CFA apprentices from the Apprentice training centre (Fratellini academy 2007-2013), circus option instructor at the Samovar (2010-2013), Juggling reference instructor at the Bordeaux circus school since 2014.

Creator of innovative juggling equipment (SARL Deos juggling 2007-2011 followed by auto-entrepreneurship), founding artist of the company Absurcus.