Christophe Morisset Biography - Resume

Musician, actor, and director (born in France in 1969). 

With a degree in plastic arts and having trained in directing at the INSAS in Brussels, he has long combined his theatrical activities with his instrumental practice (trombone, snake, sackbut, tuba, ophicleide).
His musical practice in numerous professional ensembles ranges from early and contemporary music to improvisation.
His attraction to multidisciplinary performances leads him to interpretation and staging or composition in various transdisciplinary projects (theatre, dance, circus, puppetry).

Christophe Morisset plays on a snake built by Pierre Ribo with whom he has been collaborating since 2008 for the development and rediscovery of this instrument.

He now teaches at the Cnac, after having worked since 2005 at the Esac in Brussels on " the approach to musicality".