The Quel cirque ? Collection

The Quel cirque ? Collection

Aimed at curious audience members, artists, students, amateurs and teachers, the Quel cirque ? collection hears from the companies who have helped contemporary circus emerge and evolve. Each volume is dedicated to an artist or a collective.
These works enable the reader to discover new ways of creating a circus show through representative experiences, as well as revealing the hugely varied landscape of contemporary circus.
Cnac/Actes Sud co-edition with the support of the SACD


Couverture Cirque Plume - Collection

Quel cirque ? Cirque Plume  (in french / 358 Ko)
By Gwénola David

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Les Arts Sauts

Quel cirque ? Les Arts Sauts (in french / 352 Ko)
By Marc Moreigne

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Couverture du livre

Quel cirque ? Jérôme Thomas (in french / 455 Ko)
By Jean-Gabriel Carasso & Jean-Claude Lallias

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Archaos Collection

Quel cirque ? Archaos (in french / 440 Ko)
By Martine Maleval

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Les Nouveaux Nez Collection

Quel cirque ? Les Nouveaux Nez (in french / 510 Ko)
By Pascal Jacob

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