Tristan Baudoin Biography

Tristan grew up surrounded by the arts. Passionate about the visual arts, at seventeen he began working as a technician in the entertainment industry. He is trained primarily in lighting and stage techniques and has acquired a wealth of experience in live shows, television and events.

Since 1998 his work has focused on the theatre, music and dance, favouring new creations and working with numerous artists from the Toulouse region.

In 2004 he met Aurélien Bory and joined Compagnie 111, with which he became fully involved, becoming the go-to stage technician for more than ten years. There he developed his knowledge of scenography, machinery, flying and robotics, piloting, among others, the industrial robot in Sans Objet.

In 2011 he met Raphaëlle Boitel and decided to help her with her creations. He works with her on the design, production, scenography, lighting and technical management of all her artistic projects.