Galapiat Cirque

At the beginning: a company and a show

The Galapiat Cirque company was born in 2006 in the halls of Châlons-en-Champagne at the Centre national des arts du cirque. Association born from the meeting of 4, then 5, then 6 circus artists: Sébastien Armengol, Jonas Séradin, Lucho Smit, Sébastien Wojdan, Moïse Bernier and Elice Abonce Muhonen.
South America is at the origin of the project. Travelling with a show, transmitting, learning, sharing. Meeting and roaming at the heart of the action. The desire is to experience the circus under a big top, to live in a caravan, to fully experience the circus in all its aspects.
In October 2007, the company started full time, joined by an administrative team that accompanies it on the roads: Lucile Mulliez and Marine Freslon.
Nine months of creation, of residence between Metz, Chambéry, Montpellier, Langueux, Marseille, Bourg-Saint-Andéol... to collectively create a show without a director. 25 days and nights of work with Gilles Cailleau, a kind of midwife, an indispensable and necessary midwife.
On the 19th of September 2008, Risque ZérO was launched and a new stage of the show and the company began.

Firmly rooted in Brittany...

At the same time as the creation of Risque ZérO, the company and the association get structured, while proposing, in April 2008, to the Town Hall of Langueux a singular event: "Tant qu'il y aura des Mouettes".
This was the beginning of a strong history with the Côtes d'Armor, the town of Langueux and the Grand Pré as well as the Domaine de la Roche Jagu, which have become the home base for the company when it is not on tour. This is where it experiments its educational projects, proposes events and in situ creations.
In 2008, the family of one of the artists bought a big top which they called " Pétaouchnok ". It was to host Risque ZérO for its debut, but it quickly proved to be too small for the show. In 2009, the Galapiat Company invests in a bigger big top called the "Chapiteau Jaune".
The association grows with new people, artist friends, volunteer friends. A lot of things are happening, it' s swarming, it' s inventive.
The Pétaouchnok project starts in 2009 with the purchase of the big top. The idea is to associate friends who are circus artists and musicians to experiment a beautiful artistic and socio-cultural project on the territory of Brittany. Strong relationships began with the communes of Relecq-Kerhuon, Lorient, the community of communes of Châteaugiron, the high school of Pomerit Jaudy, the high school of St Ilan in Langueux...
In 2010, the association organises for the friend Rémi Luchez and his show Miettes a six months bike tour from Poitiers to Brittany.
The idea pleases people and it will continue with the company Toi d'abord in 2013 with the show Tu Viens, Federico Robledo and Philippe Ribeiro in 2014 with De la Pra Ca, with the Cirque Inachevé and its show Piste and Love in 2015, and with the SPPI and Cow love in 2018, and Puéril Péril and Bankal in 2019.

Zero Risk in South America, the founding dream

In 2011, the Galapiat Company will finally fulfil its founding and unifying dream: going to South America to meet the driving forces of the Circassian world.
A three-month trip of thirteen people to Argentina and Chile, to encounter social circuses, the big city circus and the mountain circuses. Strong exchanges are created and the company in turn welcomes Argentinians and Chileans in France, supports the creation of an itinerant social circus school, organises tours for some of the circus artists and musicians it has met along the way. Special relations with South America continue to prevail today.

Turning point

In 2011, guided by L'Escargot Migrateur within the framework of a DLA (Local Accompaniment Scheme), the association will structure itself and organise its collective decision-making.
Little by little, "seminars" are set up which bring together, every three months, artists, technicians, administrators and volunteer friends; coordination meetings by profession (production-distribution; technical; artistic) and weekly meetings.
Risque ZérO plays its last show in October 2014 in Amsterdam after more than 250 performances.
The "founding" artists have all created new shows, supported by Galapiat Cirque: Sur le Chemin de la route, Mad in Finland is created in 2012 for the festival "Tant qu'il y aura des Mouettes"; Marathon and Capilotractées are created in 2013; BOI in 2014; Château Descartes, la F. R.A.P. and ParasiteS in 2015, C'est quand qu'on qu'on va où !? in 2016, Attraction Capillaire and Herbe Tendre in 2018 and La Brise de la Pastille as a "permanent creation". In March 2020, we are looking forward to L'Âne et la Carotte.

In Brittany, Galapiat Cirque continues to be firmly rooted in the region through atypical tours: "la Tournée à Vélo" and the "9 km2" tour, but also through long term projects, initially around the "Pétaouchnok" project (from 2009 to 2014), "Sur le chemin de la route" then around the "Wagabond", and finally by creating federating events such as "Ville Debout" (2012), "Tant qu'il y aura des Mouettes" (8 editions between 2008 and 2016) and "Cirque et Mer" (since 2015).
As a result of these activities, Galapiat Cirque has developed strong links with a wide variety of partners: municipalities, groupings of communes, schools, hospitals, companies, associations...
Today, Galapiat Cirque continues to forge ties through projects collectively imagined with partners as varied as ever. Such as the " Générations Cirque " project within the Tréguier Hospital Centre, " Quartier Détourné " with the Pays de Pontivy and the Morbihan Departmental Council, " Regards Croisés " developed with Le Carré Magique and the CCAS of Lannion and recently the 40 years of the ADALEA association.
Galapiat Cirque is renowned both nationally and internationally for the quality of its creations and the originality of its collective approach.

Transition to SCIC

In December 2015, after five years of reflection on the subject, the association was transformed into a Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) (Cooperative Society of Collective Interest).
This decision is characterised by the overriding desire to adapt its operations based on a principle of direct democracy that is as horizontal as possible and an associative status that did not legally match this desire.
Through this new legal entity, each associate has the same right to speak and the same powers, each associate can have access to the different corporate mandates with responsibilities (legal and juridical), the substantive issues and the main strategic orientations are decided upon and adopted collectively at the general assembly, ... no head, no directors, ...
With more than 40 associates (employees, friends, private partners, ...), Galapiat Cirque tries to combine utopia and reality through strong social, humanist and artistic values, ... while remaining firmly rooted in an often difficult cultural economic sector (cuts in public funding, precarious social environment, ...) and affirms its desire to see the development of a Social and Solidarity Economy.
It is also for this reason that Galapiat Cirque is a member, along with 130 other companies, of the Syndicat des Cirques et Compagnies de Création (SCC) (Circus and Creative Companies Union).
There are many exciting opportunities ahead in the coming years: creation of a training centre, purchase of a venue (storage, office, training, residencies...), new productions, development of a feature film, creation of a touring festival by bicycle...

The adventure continues !