CNAC Publications and ICiMa Chair

The projects developed by the CNAC and the ICiMa Chair / Innovation Cirque et Marionnette (Circus and Puppet Innovation) are documented through numerous publications. These cover different pedagogical, artistic and technical fields related to the resource and research activities at the CNAC.
All these publications are in their French version (with specific exceptions in English, as indicated below).

ACROBATES - Exhibition Catalogue

Excerpts FR - from the ACROBATES catalogueACROBATES (2018) is initially an exhibition that took place from April to October 2018 in Châlons-en-Champagne. It is the result of a partnership between the museums of the City of Châlons-en-Champagne, the Centre national des arts du cirque and Pascal Jacob.

This exhibition was officially granted a national interest status by the Ministry of Culture. It has benefited fromthe participation of major museum institutions and has also brought to the public's attention a significant corpusof works from the Jacob-William collection.
The ACROBATES catalogue offers a discovery of the circus beyond the standard chronological and geographicallandmarks. It presents a varied panorama of artists who have taken over the circus such as Picasso, Rodin orCalder, to name but the most famous. It also allows you to revisit performers from the past. The acrobaticgesture is also celebrated in all its dimensions.
ACROBATES also enables us to fully appreciate that the circus is rooted in our societies and reflects the veryexpression of historical, social, aesthetic and philosophical positions beyond time and space.

Excerpts (in french) from the acrobates catalogue 

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Publications on circus plays

Lettre à de jeunes poètes Pièces de cirque Human Tout le monde est quelqu'un d'autre Ligne de fuite 




The Centre national des arts du cirque / Cnac and the Institut International de la Marionnette / IIM are two structures under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, dedicated to training, resources and research. Around common issues, these two institutions collaborated in the creation of the ICiMa Chair: Chair of Social and Territorial Innovation around Circus and Puppet.
Its research is structured around three areas: Materials - Gesture and Movement - Multilingual Terminology.

"MATERIALS" axis of the ICiMa Chair


Excerpts FR - COSTUMES DE CIRQUEFor several years now, the Centre national des arts du cirque (CNAC) has been developing a reflection on clothing for the training of circus students and on scenic costume for acrobatic practices. This work is part of a vast research project to consider a more global approach both to reducing the risks of injuries and to enrich new dramaturgical developments in contemporary circus performances.
This book focuses on the precious words of contemporary costume designers and of a modern circus costume designer. This was compiled by the ICiMa Chair during interviews designed to collect, from those who make them, the specific know-how and expertise required to create the costumes worn by the artists on stage. This know-how is often developed by the costume designers themselves according to their experience, by listening to acrobats, clowns, jugglers, etc., and is an integral part of the dramaturgies developed within the creations.

Excerpts (in french) COSTUMES DE CIRQUE Excerpts FR -  COSTUMES DE CIRQUE

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Proceedings of the Agrès, Scénography and Eco-Design Conference

 Les actes du colloque agrès et scénographies, à paraître (2021)
To be published in 2021, the proceedings of the Conference "Agrès, Scenography and Eco-Design" (2019).




Apparatus database (in construction)

The database of circus apparatus and scenography is a project led by the ICiMa Chair. It is aimed at artists, technicians, students, researchers, teachers, and all those interested in contemporary or traditional circus by providing them with resources produced from empirical work on circus apparatus carried out at the CNAC. 

"GESTURE AND MOVEMENT" axis of the ICiMa Chair

Learning from your body Entre les corps Poetiques de l'illusion  Danser l'apesanteur Kitsou Dubois

notation Benesh pour les arts du cirque / carnet de recherche notation Benesh pour les arts du cirque / carnet de recherche 2 notation Benesh pour les arts du cirque / sangles Notation Benesh pour les arts du cirque / portés acrobatiques notation Benesh pour les arts du cirque / mât chinois Carnet de notation benesh voltige aérienne par Maxime Bourdon Carnet de recherche sur la notation en jonglage l'exemple de Jonathan Lardillier


Du fil à la slackline contours et détours des dramaturgies circassiennes le processus de création dans le cirque contemporain carnet de recherche notation Benesh / contorsion Isabelle Brisset, une pédagogie du fil  the evolution of contemporary acrobatics, comparative perpectives on pedagogies

Cross axis of the ICiMa Chair

Le cirque en transformation : identités et dynamiques professionnelles les formations en arts du cirque et en activités physiques artistiques


In order to promote knowledge of the circus arts, the Cnac has developed certain publications (only in French) based on its expertise and using the wealth of collections in the Research Centre.
To this end, the Cnac worked with recognized professional partners and benefitted from the support of the Marne General Council.

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 DVD Nuancier du cirque (The Shades of Circus)

Couverture DVD Le nuancier du cirque - Centre national des arts du cirque

A Cnac / Scéren / HorsLesMurs co-publication pedagogy
Authors: Jean-Michel Guy & Julien Rosemberg

Le nuancier du cirque offers a clear and structured panorama of today's circus, seen through different prisms: artistic forms, aesthetic effects, performance spaces and dramaturgical principles.
With the help of excerpts from shows selected for their exemplary nature, it identifies the components, the principles of organisation and the dynamics of historical evolution that make it possible to understand the variety of today's landscape.
This educational DVD is aimed at circus enthusiasts, teachers, art school students, artists, as well as distribution structures and professionals in the cultural sector.
DVD Nuancier du cirque (The Circus Spectrum)   (in french / 353 ko)


The Quel cirque ? Collection

Aimed at curious audience members, artists, students, amateurs and teachers, the Quel cirque ? collection hears from the companies who have helped contemporary circus emerge and evolve. Each volume is dedicated to an artist or a collective.
These works enable the reader to discover new ways of creating a circus show through representative experiences, as well as revealing the hugely varied landscape of contemporary circus.
Cnac/Actes Sud co-edition with the support of the SACD

The Quel cirque ? Collection, Centre national des arts du cirque, CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne The Quel cirque ? Collection, Centre national des arts du cirque, CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne The Quel cirque ? Collection, Centre national des arts du cirque, CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne The Quel cirque ? Collection, Centre national des arts du cirque, CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne The Quel cirque ? Collection, Centre national des arts du cirque, CNAC de Châlons-en-Champagne 

 Cirque à l'oeuvre

CIRQUE A L'OEUVRE Livre de l'exposition photos et vidéos autour des 25 ans du Centre national des arts du cirque

Cirque à l'oeuvre  (in french / 262 Ko)
The Centre national des arts du cirque


Jeux d'enfance - Jeux de cirque 

jeux d'enfance jeux de cirque

Jeux d'enfance - Jeux de cirque  (in french / 526 Ko)

By Raoul Bender, Alexandre del Perugia and Anne-Lise Lisicki