To all the new CNAC students (Dnsp 1, Dnsp 2 or Dnsp 3)

Registration is the first step required to access the courses. Any student whose application form is incomplete will therefore not be allowed to participate.
Take the time to carefully review all the information below.
Do not underestimate the time required to prepare your complete application, nor the importance of the steps you will have to take, particularly with social security bodies, mutual insurance companies, the CROUS for grants, etc.

CNAC registration information (printable version) 2020 Cnac registration information (75 Ko)

Documents to be provided by any new CNAC student

All these documents must be sent to the accounting department with your registration file :

- A confirmation of payment of the CVEC (Student Life and Campus Contribution).
Application to be made on the internet website of the CROUS at, with 91 € (2019) to be paid directly by credit card on the website. Scholarship students are exempt, but they must complete the process to obtain their certificate. 

- A mandatory civil liability certificate valid until August 31 of the following year.
To be requested from your insurance company or to be subscribed with your bank or with student mutual insurance companies. This certificate must be renewed during the year if necessary and sent to the accounting department.

- A proof of residence for your address in Châlons-en-Champagne.
Rental agreement, rental receipt, insurance receipt, water, electricity, gas or telephone bill, to be renewed in the event of a change of address during the year and to be forwarded to the accounting department.

- The final notification of the award of a CROUS scholarship for the academic year for scholarship students.
You must request the transfer of your file to the CROUS in Reims.

- A copy of your valid social security certificate and your carte vitale.

- A bank statement (RIB).
In your name and issued by a French bank.
In order to open a bank account, you will be asked to provide a valid identity document (identity card, passport, residence permit) and a document confirming proof of residence.

- A copy of your valid identity card (both sides) or passport (pages relating to civil status, validity dates, entry stamps and visas).

- A copy of the certificate of census or of the day of citizen defense.

- A certificate from a mutual insurance company or from the CMU-C (Complementary Universal Health Insurance), valid until the 31st of August of the following year
If you are not insured, you can join the MGEL or LMDE student mutual insurance scheme, or apply for a CMU-C from your local Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie (Local Health Insurance Funds).

- A photocopy of your higher education diploma(s).

Documents to be provided by any new foreign student

- A copy of your valid residence permit (both sides) or the receipt of your application.

- Notification of the award of a scholarship from your home country for the academic year, for all scholarship students.

- A copy of your European health insurance card valid until the 31st of August of the following year, if you are a student from a European Union country, from the European Economic Area or a student from Switzerland.
If you are a student from a country outside the European Union, your application to be registered with the French social security system must be made with the staff in the CNAC accounting department.

- The official French translation, in two copies of your:
- birth certificate with filiation, 
- OR your full birth certificate,
- OR any document issued by the consulate (birth certificate, individual civil status record).
This document is mandatory for your registration with the French social security system. To be requested preferably in your country of origin to obtain it free of charge.

Printed documents to be submitted duly completed and signed by any new student

Each future student has received by email and in paper format the following documents to be submitted completed and signed to the CNAC accounting department:

The admission acceptance form,

The registration form,

The statement that you have read and understood the CNAC regulations: 
- The internal regulations,
- The general regulations of the study programme,
- The internal regulations of buildings, safety instructions and specific work instructions,
- The administrative and accounting rules and regulation,
- The ethical charter for equality between women and men.

Registration, tuition and social security fees

- Registration fee: 150 €*,
- Contribution to the teaching costs: 100 €,

- FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY: a 150 € deposit which will be collected and refunded when you leave the CNAC (after your year of professional integration), after deduction of any debts (borrowed material not returned, loss of keys, etc.),

Payment by cheque to be provided with your file,
Or by bank transfer before your registration, with your name and promotion,
Or in cash on the first day of school with the accounting department.

Only scholarship students are exempt from registration fees and student social security fees, which is why it is so important to apply for scholarships as early as mid-January.
To obtain the reimbursement of the registration fees by the CNAC, the student must send his or her certificate of definitive scholarship award to the accounting department as soon as he or she receives it. 

Method of payment
You can make your payments by cheque payable to "CNAC", or in cash, or by transfer to the following account: 

Crédit Coopératif de Reims - IBAN : FR76 4255 9000 8241 0200 1797 170 - BIC : CCOPFRPPXXX
ATTENTION: If you pay by bank transfer, you must send the transfer notice to the accounting department.

Payment schedule (only by cheque)
Staggered payments will only be possible for payments by cheque.
- Early September: registration fee (150 €),
- Early October: deposit (150 €, only for new students),
- Early November: teaching costs (100 €).


Students are invited to register at the University of Amiens Picardie Jules Verne, in parallel with their registration at the CNAC, in order to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (Circus Arts) at the end of DNSP3.

From the 35th promotion (recruited in 2020), registration must be made at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne / URCA.

This registration must be renewed annually.

Registration fees amount to 170€ per year (2018-2019 scale subject to change).

The application pack is provided to you by the Studies Department.