Marlène Rubinelli Biography - Resume

Marlène discovered circus at the age of 23, as a change of direction after having completed a Spanish degree.

She left Barcelona to attend the Centre national des arts du cirque (Cnac) at Châlons-en-Champagne. When she left, she founded an original swinging trapeze duo with Marc Pareti. On her trapeze, considered as an extension of her physical identity, she cultivated the strong desire to achieve a fluidity that releases strength into energy, a connection to others.

Working as an acrobat as well, she discovered flying in banquine and gained a deeper knowledge of basing and trampoline. She collaborated with Anomalie, Chloé Moglia, Pierrot Bidon / Marseille circus studios and took part in several short films directed by Delphine Lanson and Jambenoix Mollet.

Driven by a desire for movement and intuition, she observes the body’s transformations, tries to strip away different layers and investigate human feelings.

In 2013, she created Maalâm: in this trapeze and knives throwing solo, she looked at femininity and its depths, exploring the notion of isolation. A cross-disciplinary project stemmed from there, which was shown in a prison and in a psychiatric hospital (2015-2016).

In 2016, she staged the graduation show at Codarts – and worked on the next show of the AOC Collectif which was staged in 2018.