Jérôme Fèvre Biography - Resume

Sound Design

As a founding member of the MPTA Company, Jérôme Fèvre is responsible for the technical coordination of all the projects undertaken by the company (creations, carte blanche, festivals) and regularly takes part in sound creations. He notably produced the original soundtracks of the shows Fenêtres and Barons perches in close collaboration with Mathurin Bolze.

As a duo with the musician Philippe Foch, he co-produced the original music of the show Du goudron et des plumes, revealing the sounds of the stage. For the show Tangentes he worked as the sound engineer then recorded the original music of Akosh S. and Gildas Etevenard.  In his live work, he was the sound engineer for Louis Sclavis and Jean Pierre Drouet for the show utoPistes, and for the quartet Arabetiko on the tour of the show Nous sommes pareils à ces crapauds qui... suivi de Ali.

As part of an artistic mentorship program initiated by the MPTA Company, he created the original soundtrack of the show Somnium by Juan Ignacio Tula and Stefan Kinsman, former students of the CNAC (class of 2014).

While working on this project, he met Séverine Chavrier and later collaborated with her on the Un - Femme project and then on Les Echappées 2017 at the CNAC. Meanwhile, he is responsible for the general coordination of the new creation Pas encore, which brings together Samuel Achache, Mathurin Bolze and Richard Brunel for the 2017 edition of the Ambivalence (s) festival.