Cyril Thomas Biography - Resume

He has curated several exhibitions, focusing on new approaches to curating, mediation and publishing.

He was a frequent contributor to several print and online periodicals, including Ciel Variable, Scènes,, Transdigital and Patch.

He has contributed a chapter to L’Imprimerie du regard. Chris Marker et la technique, a volume of essays edited by Viva Paci and André Habib (Montreal).

As part of a collaboration with La Mire, an art gallery located in Orléans (France), he has edited the catalogue of an exhibition entitled Les Théophanies de Paul Armand Gette. In 2007, Cyril Thomas contributed to the catalogue of the Annette Messager retrospective at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, which was awarded the Artcurial prize later the same year.

Other essays of his have appeared in Photographie moderne et contemporaine (pubished in 2007 by Flammarion) and in Art Contemporain. La Collection du centre Pompidou, edited by Sophie Duplaix.

Since 2013,  he is a head of Research and Development at the Centre national des arts du cirque (National Center for Circus Arts) / France.