Laura Pazzola Biography - Resume

After obtaining a diploma at the Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris and the University of Cagliari in History of Art and Heritage, she trained in New Magic at Cnac, undertaking singing and voice training.

Co-founder of the international theatre company 38CIT, and Alambic Fabrique de théâtre, she worked on several shows and projects as director, actress and puppet artist.

She regularly teaches theatre and she is a tutor on the “Solito” project by the company Scenograma with the support of Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura de Fortaleza in Brazil. Since 2015 she is a teacher at the Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque in Rosny-sous-Bois.

In 2006, she won the National Prize for Hand Puppetry “Campogalliani d'oro” with the Italian company Cà luogo d’arte and in 2007 the first prize at the Festival T.J.P. Festebà. In 2011 she won the competition Bando Giovani held by the Sardinian National Theatre with her show “Cabaret Emotivo”, which marked a long-term collaboration with this institution.

She is interested in a form of popular theatre based on unusual and festive shows, conceived as a platform for a real meeting with people.

She is the author of: "Signori, il teatro Rinaldi chiude!, "Signora Italia, Carosello in collina",  "Cabaret emotivo", "I miracoli del Barone di Münchausen", "Figurines". She worked with Collectif Micro Focus on the creation of the show "Ekivoke”, winning project “SACD - écrire pour la rue 2016”.