David Soubies Biography - Resume

Discipline: Floor acrobatics, Chinese pole, musical creator.

Born into an agricultural family, he preferred to jump over the ground it rather than cultivate it. In 1997, he had a decisive meeting with Thierry Truffaut (AFCA) which led him to discover the circus arts. He undertook a course at the Ecole de Chambéry, which soon led him to work with Raymond Peyramaure's Oiseaux Fous. Four years of nomadism later, David joined Antoine Rigot’s company Les Colporteurs in 2002, with whom he created "Diabolus in Musica" as well as "Le Metamorfosi" and "Animali Uomini e Dei" directed by G.Barberio Corsetti.

In 2005, he travelled to Brazil to learn Maestre Prethinio’s Capoeira and his acrobatic knowledge widened. Then came the meeting with M. Merzouki in the show "Terrain Vague" by the Kafig Company. From 2008 he collaborated with Vincent Gomez in Hors Pistes Company for the creations "Coma Idyllique", "Nom de code temps libre" and finally "L’Orage et le cerf-volant".

In 2011, he felt the need to participate in a project as an author-creator.  Having already been the musical creator of the Daraomaï Company since 2007, he naturally joined the company founded by Agnès Fustagueras and co-created "L'instant K" in 2011, "TiraVol" in 2014 and "Corps de Bois" in 2016.

Alongside the stage, David Soubies is an external acrobatics consultant for various training centres such as Balthazar, The Académie Fratellini, and the National Centre of Circus Arts (Centre national des arts du cirque).