Marie Seclet Biography - Resume

Conveying and accompanying are the keywords of Marie Seclet’s vocation.

Having graduated in the 2nd year of Cnac, Marie tries to develop her students’ potential to enable them to achieve their best results. In order to do that, she draws on her vast experience as an actress and circus artist.

Her experience in the ring at Cirque Archaos, Cirque Boswell-Wilkie, Cirque Flic-Flac and many others, gave her the ability to look at things from a distance and have a sense of play. Her solid experience and strong technical control inform what she sees.

This makes Marie a widely known expert in circus art teaching.

Her teaching is also enriched by her curiosity towards current forms of live shows, as demonstrated by her collaborations with several theatre and street companies, such as Cirque Pagnozoo, La Strada, Les Hommes Penchés … All this led to mastering and properly conveying the art of aerial and acrobatics.

Co- founder of the Cirque Kârwân company, she remains very close to the reality of the circus arts’ professional world. Her professionalism is the result of a wide experience in the ring and on stage, of a great mastery of techniques and insatiable curiosity. This brings the precious elements of strength, confidence, a demanding nature and a human dimension when dealing with her students.

It’s a real privilege to meet this artist which was born into the profession in a circus training course.