Dirk Schambacher Biography - Resume

Dirk Schambacher is a permanent teacher specialised in silks, the German wheel, Chinese and Indian poles and aerial straps.

Below, a few words about his career to date:

Classical piano training for 10 years provided a first artistic awareness.
In parallel to his studies in modern literature and philosophy, he discovered the circus as an amateur.
In 1993, he left Germany for Belgium and then France to live his circus passion.
Having graduated from the Enacr and the Cnac, he then worked with choreographers, dancers, directors and musicians from all backgrounds, giving him a broad experience of contemporary performing arts.
These encounters gave rise to several creations.
At the same time, since 1995 he has taken part in several gala performances in Austria, England, France and Germany.
In January 1999, he won the first prize for aerial rope duo, best circus artist, Kulturpreis in Bad Vilbeler Volksbank (Germany).
Working in close proximity to his audience is extremely important to him, which is why creating small formats and raising awareness are an integral part of his professional life.

His artistic choices

He sees the aerial rope and Chinese poles as a form of expression combining strength and sensuality.
He works in the air but maintains contact with the ground, and the world.
He communicates about that which brings us all closer together: having a body and being human.
In 1997/1998, he also worked with a British painter/visual artist to establish new links between the performing arts and visual art.