Damien Fournier Biography - Resume

Artist (circus and dance) and assistant director

Damien Fournier studied the circus arts at the Lido circus in Toulouse for 5 years, then at the Cnac as a hand-to-hand pusher. During this time he met certain people who influenced his move towards dance, such as Francis Viet, Pal Frenak and Pierre Doussaint.

Since graduating from the Cnac, he has worked in various artistic environments, taking part in more than 25 shows including the following: Les sublimes, by Guy Alloucherie, Paradiso by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti Argonauti, and Il n’y a pas de firmament and Asobu by Josef Nadj where he met Mariko Aoyama, Yoshi Oîda and Jean Babilé.

Since 2006 he has been working with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui as a performer in Myth, Babel, intermezzo, and as assistant director and rehearsal director for Sutra, a show created with about twenty Shaolin monks.
He runs dance-acro courses in establishments such as the Lido circus school, Culture Commune, and the fabrique théâtrale base 11 /19 (Loos en Gohelle).