Hosting researchers and professionals

Research residencies are offered by the CNAC Research Department and the Chaire ICiMa

The CNAC Research and Development department and the Chaire ICiMa (circus and puppetry innovation chair) encourage academic research and research-creativity in circus arts.

The research residencies offered by the CNAC Research Department and the Chaire ICiMa are open to researchers, creators and students from Masters or doctorate level, regardless of their academic discipline or nationality.

Hosted researchers benefit from:
- resources available at the resource and research centre (archive collections, programmes, photos, posters etc.),
- a personalised welcome,
- introductions to partners of the CNAC and Chaire ICiMa.

Before arriving, researchers sign an agreement drawn up by the CNAC research department.
Researchers undertake to submit a copy of their research work (dissertation, documentary, slideshow, poster or publication, etc.) to the documentation centre.

The application procedure for a research residency requires:

  • completion of the following form (in French) Recherche, Accueil chercheurs et professionnels, Fiche de renseignements chercheurs et chercheuses, Centre national des arts du cirque / CNAC Châlons-en-Champagne (883 Ko),

  • submission of a list of the documents to be consulted, from the resource and research centre catalogue,

  • submission of the following documents to the department  :

    - research project;
    - research schedule (at least four months before arrival at the CNAC, needed in particular to reserve a room at the CNAC or one of its partner residences);
    - list of documents to be consulted;
    - bank details and a CV