Sylvain Decure Biography - Resume

Sylvain Decure is a circus artist who graduated from the CNAC in 1998 and founding member of the AOC Collective.

He began studying circus at the age of 8 at the Annie Fratellini circus school.

In 1998 he graduated after four years at the National Centre for Circus Arts (Cnac) in Châlons-en-Champagne. His specialised circus disciplines are the trampoline and acrobatic lifts.

In 2000 he was one of the five founding members of the AOC Collective and participated in all of their creations : La syncope du 7, Kboum, Laps, Question de direction and Autochtone.

At the same time, he performed for several other companies such as Archaos, L’ensemble télémaque, Générik Vapeur, Clowns sans frontière, Gazoline and Les Hommes penchés, in Espèces, SBIP, Les Éclaireurs, Le Mâtitube and L’Orchestre perdu.

In 2012, Sylvain Decure became the 7th "mentored artist" of the Hommes Penchés Laboratory and developed his own artistic project, Demain je ne sais plus rien.