Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning (in the European framework) is one of the essential links that the Cnac has to maintain with its professional sector.It is the continuation between the initial course and the ensemble of situations whereby skills are acquired.

Programmes available should enable each participant to:
- develop the highest level of skill possible,
- perfect or update knowledge
- develop a professional project (artistic, technical or educational, etc.),
- complete a professional re-training course,
- obtain a qualification,
- validate professional skills,
- initiate a research project

To achieve these aims, the Cnac offers a range of courses, as follows:

- teacher training and National Diploma for circus teachers,
- trans-disciplinary and innovative artistic courses,
- technical courses leading to qualifications,
- masterclasses
- artistic and cultural education courses,
- validation of acquired experience (VAE),
- certifications for circus professions,
- made-to-measure courses.

To supplement its range of courses, the CNAC’s Lifelong Learning Department:

Establishes certifications for circus professions: identifies needs, implements and delivers certifications accessible through vocational training or the validation of acquired experience (VAE).

Supports professionals at different levels: assists VAE candidates with acquiring better professional recognition and empowers training bodies to implement certifying training courses and provides advice.

Is committed to quality: as a professional training body, the CNAC has been Datadock referenced since 2017 and is in the process of acquiring Qualiopi certification.

A year at the CNAC Lifelong Learning Department sees:

. 300 trained professionals and 40 people supported in validation of their acquired experience (VAE),
. 13,000 trainee hours,
. 96 % satisfaction on completion of training and less than 4 % dropout,
. 100 trainers recruited every year, all specialists recognised in their fields,
. diploma (National Diploma in Circus Teaching) or certification training (CQP: Professional Qualification Certificate),
. courses held at the CNAC (51), as well as at other locations in France and abroad.

CNAC training courses recognised for their quality

Qualiopi certificationNational benchmark on the quality of actions and initiatives contributing to skills development.
The work of the Centre national des arts du cirque has been assessed and found to be in full compliance with the characteristics set out in the certification reference framework and the certification programme in force in December 2020 for:
- the training programmes 5l. 6313-1 - 1,
- the validation process used to validate the knowledge and experience gained, under the conditions defined in Book IV.

Training courses: your rights and funding

All our courses can be funded – under certain conditions – by an approved financing organization (AFDAS, Uniformation, Fongécif and the POLE EMPLOI, etc.), or by your employer (training plan, DIF, CIF, etc.):
These links will provide you with specific information about your training course rights for:

- Entertainment industry workers in the performing arts, cinema and audio-visual domains
- Salaried employees in the performing arts, cinema and audio-visual domains
- Salaried employees who do not depend on AFDAS
- Employment seekers.

To find out more about your rights visit the "Vocational training courses" page.